Landscape Management:

Our work in this area includes development of
landscape specifications and contracts; installation
and maintenance of landscape and irrigation
systems; landscape enhancement and upgrades;
long-term planning for landscape preservation and
renovation; weekly or monthly on-site walk through
with maintenance contractor; developing and
monitoring of punch list; and assurance of
regulatory safety practices for lands.

Tree Management:  

Trees are the most valuable part of the
landscape—they add beauty and interest to
properties and contribute to the well-being of
communities around them. Their good health
and longevity is maintained through periodic
examination, diagnosis, and early treatment; it is
imperative to address tree diseases and pests in
the early stages.  Our work in tree management
includes:  performing professional inventories;
developing tree location maps, tree assessment
for pruning and removal; recommendation of
tree replacement, tree surgery, and security
devices installation; long-term plans for tree
protection programs; deep root fertilization; pest
and disease control; hazard assessment and
arborist expert report.

Irrigation Management /
Water Management:

Our expertise includes development of irrigation
project analysis and component assessment;
review of specifications; irrigation design; quality
control assurance; installation and monitoring of
irrigation controllers; irrigation water requirements;
scheduling and budgeting.

Pest Control Management:

We implement diagnosis of plant damage
produced by disease and pest; implementation
of Integrated Pest-Management (IPM);
assurance of legal use of pesticides on
premises; introduction and use of organic
pesticides; and assurance of proper training on
pesticide application.

J J & J Landscape Management Inc.

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