1. Free lawn analysis.

2. Free consultation and estimation on
water conservation through efficient
irrigation systems.

3. Free tree and shrub maintenance
proposal to protect against pests and

4. Team members are well trained and
experienced in landscape design and

5. Team members receive many awards
from landscape maintenance
associations such as CLCA.

6. Team members hold many licenses
such as pest control license, horticulture
license, California Landscape Technician

7. Members of many good standard
services in California  Fremont Chamber
of Commerce.

8. Experienced with handling many
high-profile accounts in commercial,
residential and Homeowner Association.

9. Complete services such as landscape
maintenance, installation, disease
treatment, and landscape design.
J J & J Landscape
Management Inc.

As a professional landscape company with
many  years of experience, we are dedicated
to create quality landscapes with the goal to
advise Homeowners Association, commercial,
corporations, and residential properties on
professional management of landscape,
arboricutlure, and water management. Our
services include:

  • Complete services of turf maintenance,
    pest control, water management, and
    horticultural aspects of landscape.

  • Landscape design and installation.

  • Irrigation design and installation.

  • Customer satisfaction.

  • We hold California Landscape license
    and a Pest Control license. We also
    practice the  Integrated Pest
    Management (IPM) policy in order to
    protect the surrounding environment,
    maintain healthy conditions for
    buildings and occupants, and minimize
    the cost of pest management.

  • We are proud to be part of several well-
    known professional associations such
    as  Fremont Chamber of Commerce,
    CLCA. We always meet and exceed the
    standard of those associations.
Water Conservation Tips :

  • Use Water-Conserving Plants
  • Group plants based on climate zone
  • Reduce turf area
  • Mulch
  • Irrigate efficiently (irregular/as needed)
  • Improve your soil
  • Maintain your garden
  • control weeds

Why Pruning ???

  • To maintain plant health
  • To direct grow
  • To remove undesirable growth
  • To increase flowers or fruit
  • To maintain safety
  • To create hedges or topiary.
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J J & J Landscape Management Inc.

Wendy Vuong:  (510) 304-3199       wvuong@3jLandscape.com

Steven Chau:    (510) 396-6945           schau@3jLandscape.com

professional landscape management, landscape maintenance serving in the Bay Area, Alameda, San Mateo, San Jose, Menlo Park, Sunnyvale,
Palo Alto, Saratoga, San Mateo, Milpitas, Evergreen, Cupertino, Fremont, Pleasanton, East Bay, Burlingame, Silicon Valley, Oakland, Union
City, San Francisco

Tips on how to grow Orchid.

  • Optimum Temperature 65F to 80F
  • Indirect light ( In house plants)
  • Orchid fertilizer 10-10-10. Fertilize every
    other month.
  • Orchid should be re-potted every one or
    two years and should go back to same or
    larger pot. Trim out death roots and loose
    roots. Don't fertilize after repotting. good
    time to repot when blooming is done.
  • Water about once a week or longer.
    However, if moisture, don't water it. Best if
    allowed to almost dry out between
    watering. You can punch holes around the
    pot to reduce the moisture of the roots.

Re-blooming Orchid.

  • During blooming season, place your orchid
    on a north facing window ledge with no
    direct sun for 30 to 45 days or till new stem
  • Temperature must be around 58F to 60F
    to force new flower stem.
  • Once stem begins place in normal
    temperature for growing.

Award Winning from CLCA ( California
Landscape Contractor Association in